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Unfortunately, there are stiff forfeitures and fines in drunk driving cases.  In multiple offense cases, it is not uncommon for the total fine amount to be in the thousands of dollar range. 

The total amount of the fine or forfeiture will depend on the number of offenses and the blood alcohol concentration.  In a first offense case, the forfeiture (Because a first offense is a civil violation, the term forfeiture is used to describe the monetary penalty.  In all criminal cases, the monetary penalty is termed a fine.) amount is $150-300.  However, those figures do reflect the total amount of costs.  There will be costs added to the forfeiture amount.  The cost will be in excess of $600.00.  So the total amount owed could exceed $950.00. 

In second offense cases, the fine amount will be between $350 and $1100.  Once again this does not include the costs associated with the offense.  Adding the costs could make the total fine exceed $1700.

For third or fourth offenses, the fine will be between $600 and $2000.  That amount could be doubled, tripled or quadrupled depending on the alcohol concentration (a/c).  If the alcohol concentration is between .17-199 the fine is doubled.  If the a/c is between .20-.249 the fine is tripled.  If the a/c is over .25 the fine is quadrupled.  Thus, in certain cases, the total fine amount could exceed $9000.00.

In fifth and sixth offenses, the fine is up to $10,000 and is subject to the doubling, tripling or quadrupling.  In seventh or higher offense cases, the fine will be up to  $25,000. However, it is not subject to the doubling, tripling or quadrupling provisions unless there is a minor in the vehicle under the age of 16..  Once again, those are the fines only, any costs would have to be added to that amount.

Finally, if there was a minor in the vehicle, the fines and all penalties are subject to doubling.

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