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While the court cannot physically force you to put this type of device on your vehicle, the court in certain circumstances, can limit any operation to only those vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device. As the law stands right now, if you have an operating while under the influence first offense charge with an alcohol concentration at or above .15, you will be required to install the Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle. Failure to install that device or interfere with the device could result in criminal charges being issued against you. Therefore, it is imperative in a first offense case that your attorney, at a minimum,  attempt to amend the operating while under the influence charge violation below .15. The Department of Transportation specifically provides terms and information on installing that device on your vehicle. There are many businesses throughout Wisconsin that install those devices.

In second or subsequent cases, it is now mandatory that these devices be placed on your vehicle.

When the court does order the installation of the device, then all vehicles, even work vehicles that the person operates must have a functioning interlock device.

Installation of these types of devices can be very costly, up to $3.00 or more per day.  If you have questions as to where or how to get a device installed, you should contact a qualified attorney or the clerk of court in your county.