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Unfortunately, if you have a CDL license (commercial driver’s license) there are very significant consequences if you are convicted of an OWI.  Those consequences include disqualification and no occupational license to operate a commercial motor vehicle. 

The Department of Transportation no longer issues occupational licenses for operation of a commercial motor vehicle.  That means, if you are convicted of an OWI related offense (a refusal and administrative suspension is included) you cannot operate a commercial motor vehicle during the entire suspension or revocation period.

More importantly, if you are convicted of an OWI-1st, even in your own motor vehicle, you will be disqualified from operating a commercial motor vehicle for 1 year.  This disqualification is separate and distinct from any revocation or suspension and starts at some point after the conviction, when the DOT receives notice that you have been convicted.


There is lifetime disqualification in certain circumstances where a person is convicted of two or more violations, or where a person uses a motor vehicle in the commission of certain felonies.  To determine the applicability of disqualification to your case, it is critical that you speak with a qualified attorney.