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One of the most common questions that we receive from persons alleged to have violated the drunk driving laws, is “what are the penalties that I’m looking at?”  Whether you will have to serve a jail sentence, lose your license, pay a fine, forfeit your vehicle, install an interlock device on the vehicle (car breath testing device) or go to prison, depends on many factors.  The number of prior offenses, the county in which you were arrested, the judge, the nature and facts of the current offense and other factors.  In Wisconsin, there are 10 judicial districts.  Each judicial district is comprised of a number of counties.  Each judicial district sets the sentencing guidelines for those counties in the district.  There are significant differences in terms of sentencing among the districts and among individual counties.  

Below, I have provided a link showing the range of penalties that you are facing for each type of offense 
Click here to see that range of penalties in Wisconsin.  If you are more interested in the specific guidelines and penalties in your county or other counties throughout the state, you should  
click here.